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The Trinity can be one of those subjects which Christians like to avoid. But if we claim to believe in a Trinitian God shouldn’t we be able to explain what that means? 

Most people have heard the basic concept – God is 1 being but 3 persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person is fully God, but there is only one God. Atheists, agnostics and other religions like to say this is a contradiction, but is it? 

A contradiction occurs when two statements cannot both be true at the same time. If I was to say God was 1 being and 3 beings that is a contradiction. If I was to say God is 1 person and 3 persons, that also is a contradiction. But neither of these describe the Trinity which is 1 being, but 3 persons. So the key here is understanding that person and being are not the same thing. Being is the what, and person is the ‘who’. 

Let’s use humanity as an example. ‘What’ I am is a human. That is my being. But who I am is different – who I am is Becky. That is my person. So humans are one being and one person. 

The nature of God however is different and that doesn’t make it wrong – One being – God. but three persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. There is no reason for this belief to make Christianity less credible – if anything it makes sense that God is unlike anything in creation for the creator will always be far more complex than its creation. 

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