Field Worker Support

Field Worker Support

Field Workers are so enthusiastic about the mission and vision of Thinking Matters that they have volunteered to work for Thinking Matters and raise their own support for living like many missionaries choose. They are our missionaries on the New Zealand mission field, and are thus given the title “Field Workers.” Thinking Matters is so happy that we can help facilitate your support to these field workers, and by donating to these field workers through Thinking Matters, your donation retains in tax exempt and tax refund status. Receipts will be issued annually in Mid-April for all donations made to Thinking Matters and field workers throughout the previous financial year.

See the field workers currently working with Thinking Matters, their role, their personal passion and missions and choose to support them using the relevant buttons.


Christian Schools Director

Unique, inspiring, helpful…awesome, have been words used by many in describing Todd’s presentations. Because Todd has somewhat of an eclectic mix of gifts, interests and experience, his delivery is quite unique…especially in the “apologetics world”. He has a science background (BS. Biological Science University of California Irvine) and a love for knowledge and truth. Ten years as a public high school science teacher coupled with his years of experience doing youth camps, preaching and even weekly Bible-in-School programs has forged Todd into sought after communicator who knows how to engage diverse audiences.


Director of Māori Apologetics

Henare Whaanga is passionate about apologetics, empowering others to defend their faith, and with a deep love for Māori history and culture.⁠

With a heart for service and community impact, Henare strives to make a positive difference. As a loving father and frequent church speaker, he shares wisdom and insights to inspire and encourage.⁠


Universities Director

Josh King is our University and Schools Director. He works hard to ensure Christian Uni and High School Students are equipped to be able to defend their faith by connecting them with the most reputable speakers from around the world.


Camps Co-Director

Nic Blackie is an apologetics youth presenter, runs the Garrison Podcast, and is a Thinking Matters Camps Co-Director. By supporting Nic Blackie he can continue to equip young people to defend their faith, navigate the culture and reach people



Camps Co-Director

Annalise is the Thinking Matters Camps Co-Director and Marketer. She build relations with Camp locations, vets leaders, organises marketing campaigns and picks the speakers and topics for our apologetics & worldview training camps across New Zealand.


You can deposit funds directly into our New Zealand bank account here:

Bank: Kiwibank

Account Name: Thinking Matters NZ Foundation

Account Number: 38-9014-0025437-05

Reference: Please place “NAME” and your name in the reference fields.

Important: make sure you email us your first name, last name and email address so that we can issue you an IRD Tax Receipt in April