Hear what the leaders of some of New Zealand’s most respected Christian Organisations have to say about our work:

“I appreciate and admire the work you do. NZ has needed something like this for a very long time and you are doing it very, very well.”
Greg Fleming | CEO | The Parenting Place
“Christians should always be ready to give a thoughtful answer for the hope that they have in Jesus. Because of this, the work that Thinking Matters does around the country equipping and preparing people is so important.”
Roshan Allpress | Principal | Laidlaw College
“The Christian community—and Aotearoa, New Zealand more generally—needs Christians who can think intelligently about the Christian faith and give an articulate and compelling account of that faith to their family, friends, and colleagues. The work of Thinking Matters is vital in helping Christians to become such people through its work in equipping them with an intellectually robust understanding of the faith and by instilling confidence in the sharing of that faith. I commend their work as important for the growth of God’s kingdom in Aotearoa, New Zealand.”
Nathan McLellan | CEO | Venn Foundation
“I have been a long-term supporter of Thinking Matters. They have opened doors for my own speaking ministry which has helped me in my personal development.”
Mark Powell | Lecturer | Carey College Chairman | NZ Christian Network
About thirty of our staff attended your Confident Christianity conference this year and found it stimulating, intellectually and emotionally challenging, thought provoking, and helpful. Thank you for equipping and encouraging us to meaningfully engage in our world and shape our Christian worldview.
Eoin Crosbie | Principal | Bethlehem College
“Rodney Lake and the Thinking Matters team are undoubtedly the premier apologetics ministry in New Zealand seeking to equip the Church at large. Speaking at their conferences you cannot help but catch a glimpse of the zeal they have for encouraging Christians to have an informed, confident, and humble Christianity.”
Dan Paterson | Founder | Questioning Christianity