In this podcast we talk to three incredible apologists and speakers from a new ministry called Lighten Group based in the US. You will be familiar with one of our guests, Xandra Carroll who was our first guest on episode 1, season 1. Please see below for their bios.

In this fascinating discussion our guests share their personal journeys to apologetics and also how they navigated the dark times of the past few years. Lighten has been born out of what was a devastating season for so many globally. RZIM trained many apologists to share the Gospel of Christ and it is encouraging to see so many of those people continuing in the Great Commission.

Their website will be live soon at:

We then turned to an enlightening discussion on the importance of apologetics in this cultural moment and how apologetics has different iterations depending on the need. We discussed the importance of nswering the questions pastors, leaders, parents, and young people are grappling with right now. This is particularly a great conversation to listen to if you are a youth pastor or leader.

Book Recommendations:
Xandra – Science and Christianity: Conflict or Coherence? by Henry F. Schaefer
Alycia – The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament by Sandra L. Richter

And all three of our guests share a word of encouragement to our listeners and watchers.


Xandra is a speaker and author and received a bachelor’s degree in biological science, she studied apologetics at the Oxford Centre of Christian Apologetics, and completed a Master’s degree in Conservation Biology at Victoria University here in New Zealand.

Alycia Wood grew up in the Church but always had questions that caused her to dig deeper into the Christian faith beyond the Sunday morning sermon. Alycia has a degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology, and a Master’s in Social Justice from Marygrove college, and has volunteered at orphanages, prisons, and shelters for the homeless in various countries. Prior to joining Lighten Group Alycia was involved in apologetics ministry through the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries for eight years.

And we have Lou Phillips. Lou has a bachelor of science degree, double majoring in molecular biology and political science. Lou also received his certificate of theological studies from Oxford University (Wycliffe Hall) and was trained at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

For the past 7 years Lou has been traveling and speaking at universities, conferences, and churches entertaining peoples largest objections to Christianity. Lou is most interested in topics such as meaning, identity, and sexuality as they relate to the Christian worldview, especially in the lives of students and young adults.

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