In this podcast Todd shares the unusual experiences that led his family to start believing in God through to his up and down faith journey as a young man. He also discusses how he ended up in New Zealand and what caused him to become interested in apologetics. Scripture: Jeremiah 3:14 ‘Return, faithless people,’ declares the LORD, ‘for I am your husband. I will choose you – one from a town and two from a clan – and bring you to Zion. We discussed the experience of backsliders and how God is still with us even in the midst of our sin and working in Grace. Here is the Tea Bag Demonstration: Todd discusses his work with Launchpad and the difference Bible in Schools makes in the lives of Children and the importance of hope for children in the world we live in today. Influencers: Jesus, The Apostle Paul, William Lane Craig William Lane Craig | Apologetics | Reasonable Faith, Mike Winger About BibleThinker – BibleThinker, Sean McDowell Sean McDowell | Home. Rowan and Todd’s project: Thinking Matters Speaker Academy and why we need this in New Zealand. Todd then discusses some important things to think about when it comes to sharing the facts of our faith and why some people struggle with that. Intellectual reasons are included but there are some other reasons that make it very hard for them to accept who God is and why we have every reason to believe in Him. And this is for those interested in the reference of The Cabbage Guy from The Last Airbender. CABBAGES for 1 Minute Straight – YouTube We also discussed the influence of Jesus and why everyone should at least consider and look into the evidences for the resurrection. Books Todd recommends: Clay Jones – Why does God allow Evil? Why Does God Allow Evil? | Clay Jones – Thinking Matters | Store Sean & Josh McDowell’s – Evidence that Demands a Verdict Evidence That Demands a Verdict | Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell – Thinking Matters | Store