Dave is a gifted leader, communicator, and author with a passion to see the Christian faith both well represented within and positively appreciated by our society. Following theological studies at the Bible College of New Zealand (now Laidlaw) Dave worked in community ministry in South Taranaki, and then as a pastor in Singapore. He returned, with his family, to New Zealand at the end of 2010 to begin this current work.

He has been fearless in pioneering initiatives purposed to helping the Church in New Zealand to better represent itself and achieve its mission, with notable successes, certainly including the national Hope Project media efforts, with significant application in and through hundreds local New Zealand churches. In this podcast Dave shares the importance of the need for hope in his own young life and how that led to faith and some of the events that happened in his life that eventually led him to ministry. He also shares about Shining Lights Trust and the Hope Project, and the importance of keeping the Christian voice and positive stories from our Christian heritage in the public square.

How stories change peoples view especially when shared by people who have a sincere faith in God and all that entails.

Ministry: https://shininglights.co.nz/
Books authored by Dave: In One Spirit: Releasing the hope of Christ beyond the intersections of denomination, Church, mission and culture.
Because we care! A practical and motivational guide to evangelism in the New World.
The Elephant in the Room: Missing links that are stopping our churches achieving their mission.
A path to new hope.

The book Dave recommends the most: THE BIBLE