Session One:

Are We Just Our Brains? How the Human Mind Defies Materialism.

Presented by Dr Melissa Cain Travis

Author and Fellow at Discovery Institute’s Centre for Science and Culture

In our technological age, science as an enterprise enjoys a high level of cultural influence. To be a rational and educated person is to accept a thoroughly “scientific” worldview—which typically means rejecting the idea of a human soul. However, it turns out that the very foundations of science cannot survive a materialist view of human persons. Genuine rationality, and hence all scientific activity, have enormous implications for the existence of the soul.

Session Two:

Mere Science: The Christian Foundations of Modern Science

Presented by Rebekah Valerius

Author and Podcaster with Mama Bear Apologetics

This talk explores the assumptions that are at the foundation of the modern scientific enterprise. These are the essential articles of faith that one must accept before entering the house that modern science has built and they are surprisingly Christian. In fact, the rest of the house makes much more sense if the biblical worldview is true. This is what I will call Mere Science, and it is in contrast to the view that modern science has buried God.

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