Jessica Locke

Marketing Manager

Jess is recognized as a personable and organized individual who is propelled by an unwavering pursuit of personal excellence across all undertakings. Her passion resides in nurturing meaningful relationships and leaving a tangible imprint within a dynamic landscape.

Throughout her academic journey, Jess concentrated on various facets of marketing, encompassing Branding, Social Media Marketing, Omni Channel Retail Marketing, International Marketing, and the creation of comprehensive Marketing plans designed to empower businesses to thrive even amidst formidable competition.

Throughout her career as a marketer, she has consistently delivered tangible results and propelled organisations toward their marketing objectives, and confidently helped them reach their marketing goals.

She thrives on confronting challenges headfirst, utilizing her expertise and innovative thinking to steer businesses toward sustainable growth and remarkable success. Her proven track record is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, and she eagerly anticipates employing her skills and experience to steer any organization towards unparalleled accomplishments in their marketing ventures.

Having conducted multiple consultations and authored numerous marketing plans for a diverse array of businesses – ranging from plumbing and lighting companies to honey producers, charity clothing boutiques, and educational institutions – Jess takes pride in the strategies outlined within these plans, which have demonstrated over time their highly effective nature in delivering the desired results for her clients. As a result, she is enthusiastic about offering her services to any business seeking expansion.

The team is thrilled to welcome Jess as she takes on the role of overseeing Thinking Matter’s comprehensive marketing initiatives. Her responsibilities encompass a wide array of tasks, spanning from website updates, social media management, event photography, promotions, newsletters, to the introduction of fresh merchandise and more. Her dedicated commitment revolves around driving growth, amplifying Thinking Matter’s brand visibility, and enhancing event participation.

Beyond her professional commitments, Jessica finds joy in an active lifestyle that includes strength training, soccer, and cycling with her two-year-old. She holds profound value for quality moments spent with her family and friends. When summer arrives, she finds solace in beach visits, a testament to her affinity for coastal relaxation. Jess’s community-oriented spirit and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle resonate deeply in her marketing approach. She excels in maintaining consistent content and formulating sustainable strategies to foster lasting connections within the Thinking Matters community.

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