Michelle Englehardt

Library Manager and Thinking Matters Events Organiser

Michelle has a Bachelor of Arts in Information & Library Studies. She works full-time as a Community Library Manager, and part-time as the Thinking Matters Events Director. Having completed the RZIM Academy Core Module in 2018, Michelle is currently studying towards a Certificate in Apologetics through Biola University as a potential Master’s student. Michelle is also part of the Thinking Matters writers and speaking team. Michelle believes passionately that apologetics training is vital for Christian evangelism in today’s culture.

“The Case for the Resurrection”: Profound evidence and reasoning supporting the resurrection, exploring its significance for our faith and understanding.⁠

“Christianity, Pantheism, & Atheism: Exploring the Four Big Questions of Life”⁠

All talks are 40-45 minutes, however most can be adjusted to 30 minutes if necessary.

Contact Details:

Email: michelle@thinkingmatters.org.nz

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